The real reason

So, let’s be frank. I may have gone to Montreal because I needed a break, I needed to gather some strength, I wanted to shop, I wanted some pastries, the list can go on. But the real reason I wanted to go to Montreal? I ran out of bagels. Here are some pictures from my trip to the best bagel shop in the entire world: Fairmount Bagels.

I was there late at night, so I got to see them preparing their deliveries. They needed a moving truck and there were so many heavenly bagels being loaded on to the truck.

Notice all the bags on the side ready to get loaded onto the trucks.
Putting bagels in the oven
One dozen poppy
One dozen sesame…well, actually 11 1/2 – it was a long wait for the bus and I couldn’t resist

Half are already gone 😦 But the memories remain!

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