My recent visit to Montreal will provide a lot of the content for the next few days. I stayed for exactly 28 hours but it was just what I needed after hitting a difficult patch here. My favourite part about the trip was that it all felt very adult: a quick weekend on my own in a different city. Last weekend I had been walking around and thinking about how much I needed a day off and how Montreal would be the perfect destination to fulfill all my vacation needs from food to shopping to a need for life in general. I subsequently booked my trip, got help with the hotel booking, made sure all my work was done and was off. The only person I had to consult was me, myself, and I and the only person I had to please was myself as I was the only one footing the bill. It was this wonderful sense of independence and adulthood all rolled into one. Walking up the stairs into the central train station in Montreal I marveled how only a few days ago this hadn’t been planned and yet there I was. This, I said, is what life is about: no politics, few restrictions, and pure enjoyment. Enjoy is what I did and plan to share with you over the next few days 🙂 So forget the NYTimes 48 hours in a city review. Here I provide you with 28 hours in Montreal.

Ready for adventure
Red Blazer: Zara; Shirt: Plain white t-shirt; Pants: green pants from Zara; Scarf: Panthera Scarf from Alice by Temperley; Shoes: MIA


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