Two Greedy Italians

Am really enjoying a new cookbook (based on a BBC series) entitled “Two Greedy Italians Eat Italy”. Hosted by Antonio Carluccio (of the famed Carluccio restaurants in the UK) and Gennaro Contaldo (mentor to Jamie Oliver), what is great about the cookbook is that it covers a lot of recipes from small towns that you may have never heard of. It focuses on real Italian peasant cooking in an accessible way, unlike Mario Batali who might focus on higher end foods and 500 ways to cook pasta. I am not-so-patiently looking forward to baking the polenta biscuits, along with many of the other dishes.

I haven’t watched the series but most of the episode seem to be on watchseries and one episode (featuring Calabria) is even on youtube. I will definitely catch up on what looks like a fun-filled series:



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