A very late Emmy report

A couple notes:


– How does anyone find “Girls” remotely funny or interesting? I’ve given it several shots but feel it’s used up all its chances.

– Downton Abbey – definitely was up against some tough competition. I also don’t agree with the episode that was chosen (episode 7 from season 2). I feel the haul would have been much better had they chosen an episode during the war. But huge congrats to Maggie Smith (i.e. Lady Grantham)! (by the way, thank you to everyone in the UK who is uploading links and livestreams for season 3 so all the rest of us don’t have to wait until 2013!)

Overall I wasn’t impressed by the dresses, the hair, the manicures (which we now saw thanks to the E! manicam) or any part of the broadcast. Hopefully the rest of the award shows won’t be this disappointing. Two parts that did stand out, however:

Emily VanCamp’s bracelet:

Jessica Paré’s who brought some old hollywood glamour to the party:


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