My future investment

Approximately 5 months from now, I will have completed my master’s program. At this point (or the point when I get accepted to a PhD program, whichever comes first), I plan on buying myself a GREAT gift. Many people have called themselves “CopyKates”, people buying items worn by the Duchess of Cambridge at any point of her life for the sole purpose that they are unable to make their own fashion decisions OR want the thrill of owning something that the duchess has worn. I like to think that I have my own fashion sense and while there are a few items from the Duchess’ wardrobe that I would like to include in my own, I see myself wearing them in different ways. There is only one outfit that I love, and only one accessory that I have been coveting for months. While I first saw it used by Kate, I want it for the sole reason that it is beautiful and would buy it even if a Kardashian carried it around (the horror of thinking a Kardashian would wear my purse, they have already cheapened the Birkins!). I think it may be a worthy gift for my accomplishments and literally one of the few things that I covet (besides a prince!). What is it? The Mulberry Medium Polly Push Lock. le sigh! Hopefully Mulberry will restock it by May, and hopefully my bank account will have not been pillaged by a number of smaller, less worthy, cheap purchases. I KNOW that I could ROCK this handbag!

By sheer coincidence, I own all other parts of this outfit. But I feel this is one of Kate's best looks.


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