Vivid Dream

Remember to click on the youtube link to listen to music while reading 🙂 – The youtube video might have to be opened in a new window to play before you return to the blog.

Had the most wonderful, vivid dream last night that Beverly Hills was only a five minute walk from my residence hall.

Literally, I took a walk past all the run down grocery stores, homes, and trucks…

…and there, opening up before me, was Rodeo Drive….

…but in place of the Beverly Wilshire was the Beverly Hilton with its pool as an entrance.

I spent time with my family (all the while wondering how the West had become the East but not really caring).

Then, just like Cinderella, the clock was ticking and I was told that I had to leave…

Sobbing, I left and ran out the closing gate, only to wind up under the Ambassador Bridge.

The dream was so vivid that I woke up and was so exciting to go visit again today. But then reality intervened, reality AND a snowstorm.

I could cry.


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